With over 50 years’ experience growing pecans, we take our role as stewards and responsible managers of the land seriously. As growers and producers, we choose to focus on what we do best — getting the most out of what nature provides — and delivering exceptional quality pecans from our orchards to the world.

Stahmann Webster has been the leading grower, processor and marketer of pecans in Australia since 1968. Alongside our own crop, we purchase pecans from growers throughout Australia to supply retailers and manufacturers around the world with high quality raw and value-added products.

Working with strategic industry partners in the USA, Europe and Asia, we are uniquely placed to manage and build food-safe supply chains for Australian pecans both in the domestic market and globally, and our secure and stable business base makes Stahmann Webster a trusted and reliable partner for the long term.

If you require further information regarding the supply of your pecan crop to Stahmann Webster please use our Contact Us page to get in touch. Link here

Stahmann Webster has vast experience in pecan quality management and maintains currency of practice through active engagement with the US pecan industry and reference to the USDA Pecan Standards. Growers can have confidence that Stahmann Webster is a highly reputable and professional handler and processor of pecans with international standing. As a top tier retail packer we hold global SQF food safety accreditation and the pecans we process and pack in Toowoomba are the backbone of Australian retail supply.

Stahmann Webster accepts delivery of clean, dried nut-in-shell (NIS) direct to our Toowoomba processing plant or via our consolidation depot in northern NSW.

For more information follow the link below or contact the depot directly:

Northern Rivers Pecan Nut Consolidation

Southridge Farm (Clunes) — +61 437 884 472

Stahmann Webster connects to the Australian and international pecan industries through direct professional linkages and through a range of industry bodies.

Australian Pecan Association
The Australian Pecan Association (APA) is the peak industry body for pecan growers in Australia. The APA website gives an insight into pecan growing, pecan facts, equipment and a library of books and images.

Australian Nut Industry Council
The Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC) is the federation representing the seven Australian nut producing industries at a national level. It aims to strengthen, unify and promote the production, marketing and consumption of tree nuts within Australia and internationally. Stahmann Webster represents the interests of the Australian pecan industry through ANIC.

National Pecan Shellers’ Association (USA)
Based in Atlanta GA, the National Pecan Shellers Association (NPSA) is the leading international forum for pecan processors and marketers. Stahmann Webster is an active member of the NPSA through which we keep abreast of the latest processing standards and regulatory affairs as well as marketing initiatives and quality advancements.

American Pecan Council (USA)
The American Pecan Council (APC) is an industry-inclusive organisation committed to educating culinary and health professionals, food technologists and the general public about the nutritional benefits, variety of uses and all-round great taste of pecans. The APC leads the promotion of pecans through global marketing initiatives funded by a levy programme.

Nuts for Life
Nuts for Life (N4L) is a world-leading health promotion and communication initiative of the Australian nut industry. N4L collates and disseminates valuable information for consumers and health professionals about a broad range of tree nuts, with nut facts, latest research, nutritional information, dietary tips as well as delicious recipes.

AustNuts: Australia’s Nut Directory
This website shares information on nurseries, growers, industry contacts, health, environmental information and employment in the nut sector.