Nestled in the heart of the Bundaberg region lies a cluster of macadamia orchards, collectively adding up to 2051 hectares. Stahmann Webster is proud to call these orchards home, as they offer the ideal growing conditions for producing premium macadamia nuts. 

Our main aggregation is located at Elliott River, just 15km south of the city, where our de-husking and storage facility is conveniently located. In addition, we have an orchard near Bucca, where up to 300,000 new trees will soon be planted on the banks of the Kolan River, adding to the thriving orchards. We also have mature macadamia orchards at Welcome Creek, just north of Bundaberg, and on the western bank of the Burnett River on the city fringe. 

The cluster of orchards near Farnsfield boasts a mix of mature and younger orchards, with the Gregory River running through them, making for a picturesque and fertile environment. 

Thanks to the warm, sunny weather, summer rains, and dry harvest season of Bundaberg, we expect these properties to produce a crop of at least 10,000 tonnes of delicious macadamia nuts by 2030. 

We are proud to be part of such a thriving and productive region and look forward to continuing to grow and produce top-quality nuts for years to come.