Stahmann Webster established its first commercial scale walnut orchard in 1996 on the east coast of Tasmania and expanded its footprint from 2004 into the Riverina district of New South Wales, where the majority of plantings are now located.

Current production is approximately 14,000 tonnes inshell, expected to increase to 16,000 tonnes as existing plantings mature. Our crop is well suited to both the inshell and kernel markets globally and offer our customers the opportunity to purchase fresh, counter-seasonal walnuts across a range of attractive varieties.


Stahmann Webster’s Riverina orchards are situated at Tabbita and Avondale just north of Griffith and at Leeton to the south, where our walnut processing plant is also located. Hulling and drying of freshly harvested walnuts is carried out on-farm before the nuts are transported in bulk or by container to the Leeton factory for storage, processing and distribution to domestic and global markets in either inshell or kernel form.